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Child Support

Minor children deserve to be supported by their parents, depending on their parents’ income and depending on how much time they spend with each parent. 

The Ontario Child Support Guidelines are the same as the Federal Child Support Guidelines and are based on income and the number of children that require support.  The tables can be found at:  


Danica Maslov or Jay Nadarajah can help you determine the Child Support to be paid or received in your matter.

Spousal Support/Alimony

When parties separate and one earns much more money than the other, sometimes, but not always, the higher income earner must pay some spousal support to the other for a period of time.  This is not automatic as there is a threshold to be entitled to spousal support which considers, among other things, how much time was taken off work to raise children, whether a spouse left their employment to move to be with the other, whether a spouse helped the other with a business, how long the parties resided together, etc.